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Custom Abutments Out Of the Box

Our Ballerina saves 80% of time spent on installation.


Today 50% of implant based restorations require manual adjustments at the clinic in order to achieve satisfactory alignment when installing multiple implants bridges, as well as a single crown. This requires additional 2-4 hours on the dentist chair, or re-manufacturing, increasing the clinic expenses by dental seat time and lab work.

VICIGO’s Ballerina is the only system in the world that allows the implant and the prosthetic to self-align to each other in their ideal position during final installation.
It replaces the standard abutment and allows full 360° horizontal freedom between the abutment and the prosthetics.
Then, by tightening the screw, the system is locked in its permanent precise position.
This “custom abutment out of the box” attitude is making dentistry life easier and more profitable.
This process saves 50-80% time for the entire installation, especially in the “Immediate loading” method, reducing the entire process to 2 meetings in 1 week instead of several meetings during 7 months.


Our Family.

We are a family of founders, working together to achieve VICIGO's goals.

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Ballerina is a win for the clinic, dentist and the patient

Ballerina will be sold as a pre-assembled kit that fits any implant in the market. It is easier to install and does not require any special tools.This top level of accuracy eliminates the issue of lateral bone stress and bacteria accumulation, enabling for longer lasting prosthetics.


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